Im off on an adventure!

What stops us from greatness? For most of us its fear. Fear of failure, not being enough, not having the right qualification or skill set, The fear of other peoples opinions and above all else being afraid of change. Change can be scary, overwhelming and at times down right daunting. But remember change is one of the 3 certainties we have in life. These certainties are we will breathe, we will die and yes, we will change. Its as natural as the 4 seasons of the year. Autumn will change to Winter, which will soon be followed by a change to Spring which in turn will Blossom in to Summer.

So why stay stuck in winter? Its dark its cold its miserable, but somehow its comfortable. I spent a couple of years in winter and it was miserable. If you couldn’t find me in the bookies, than you would find me in the pub, if i wasn’t their than i was probably rotting away in a soul destroying job that i hated but “luckily” fell into. Don’t get me wrong, I worked with great people, people who are truely happy with their job, people who are ridiculously talented at their job. But i also worked with many people who like me felt empty unhappy and had lost all lust for life!

I often hear people say “your lucky to have a job”.

But what about a life?

A life of purpose, Joy, Happiness!

Well I’m done with spending time in winter.

Ive spent that last 6 months in spring mode preparing to blossom in beautiful summer.

My preparation included working upto 70 hours a week again in god awful retail jobs at christmas to pay off an old car loan and just save about enough to get out of ireland. I began meditation and started to spend my free time a little bit differently which included spending time alone in the nature, at the beach and (trying) not to party so much. As well as constantly shifting my mindset. A change in our mindset and outlook is more powerful than any other change we will ever make.

Now its time to begin my journey and start a new project.

So whats stopping you from greatness?

“Gather your thoughts, grow as a person, develop your perfect life.”

Have you had a great day, a long day or a tough day?