A last minute change of plan.

The plan is still to change.

Another change in my journey, another change to my blog.

Like my blog, my life and outlook has went through many changes in the last few weeks, months.

My dream of travelling around on a shoe string budget has been cut short, in fact shorter than short. Not because of my shoestring budget interestingly enough, but because of my lack of preperation and my love for disorganisation.

So its back to the gathering phase for me, simplifying my life and gaining a clearer outline as to what it is I want to achieve and how I will get their.

As oppose to travelling, educating myself and sharing great projects, ideas and stories I now am educating myself, and sharing short stories aswell as posts about everyday life.

“Gather your thoughts, grow as a person, develop your perfect life.”

Have you had a great day, a long day or  a tough day?