Adventure is out their.

Gathergrowdevelop, a wonderful concept. A concept valuing freedom, oppurtunity equality and happiness. A concept i have dreamed up over years of self reflection and aessesment of myself, my enviroment, my wants and my needs. Not at any point does financial security nor economic safety cross my mind.

Yet once again, i find myself pursuing the one thing that has aluded me for years. This pursuit causing friction in my mental heath, creativity, happiness. Leaving me unbalanced,raining on my spirit and drowning my soul.

If you have followed my first blog post to now, which the posts unfortunately have been few and far between you will understand that the flame has fortuntaly not brned out, but has definatly been damped down.

I think of what maybe i could have done differently,why has my journey been so difficult. Then i realise that any journey that is truely rewarding is a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. And overall oppurtuniies to learn and grow.

I have decided it is once again time to take the leap toward freedom and happiness. A once again loosely planned adventure, another under funded optomistic crack at the whip of simpliticity. I long for an enormously exciting life of travel, meeting beautiful people, exchanging ideas stories and dreams. Visiting amazing places and soaking up the inspiration and energy enriched deep in the fertile soils of nature.

In six weeks time I will once again have my wallet light but my pockets heavy and full of dreams. As I hed to spain to enjoy a section of the camino di santiago. A journey my dad recommended I take when I was in my late teens, maybe even early 20s. I think of all the other suggestions he has offered me over the years, of which I ignored, suggestions had I followed probably would have been very worthwhile in my life today. But it is time to finish up job number 23, the job I finally stuck out for more than 10 months, but 14 months in and the novelity of living in a new country have well and truely worn off. And working for money still doesnt seem to pay off.

Their has to be more out their, communities, voluntary roles, simple short term jobs to keep you moving, in a flow and in a position to grow.

Anybody reading this with any advice on living sustainably, places to see or visit, or just a friendly piece of advice or motivation for a young read bearded man feel free to comment or email. Would be greatly appreciated. Our if you would just like to follow the journey, of which I intended to report with regular blog updates then click follow and lets adventure through the rocky terrains of modern day society together! or anyone out their rocking the vanlifestyle looking for an eager apprentice feel free to hit me up.

Have you had a good day,a long day,or a great day?



Tomorrow I will

Tomorrow ill start

ill give it a go

stick to a plan

turn up to the show

but why do i cancel

its like life is on repeat

what is it i have not found

why can i not compete

strive for the stars

youll at least reach the tree

but to fall from the branch

and seemingly never learn

where is the freedom i desperatey yearn

it does not invove money

so why do i try all the time

to work for something

that wont allow me shine

their must be a way

a place i can find

to turn up to the show

and make the night mine.