Keep it real

At first, I was embarrassed for him. Then I briefly thought I could spare him the three euro he was short for his purchase. Yet It all seemed to happen so quick.

I had  noticed the jolly young character earlier on as he replaced white onions for red onions.  Laying down the white onions, unloading a cheery celebration amidst  picking up red onions before bouncing off enthusiastically down the next aisle.

Hmm, I figured, I’ve never seen anyone so excited about red onions. strange.

Approaching the check out desk i had noticed he hadn’t picked up more than a couple of groceries but was well stocked in the alcohol department. The young jolly man landed the cashier with a warming “hows your day?” and continued to pack the few groceries he had into his bag before announcing to the cashier that his case was full.

“Oh,” He said, ” How much is the case?”

It was written all over his face that he now realised he could not afford the beer, bananas,red onions and coconut milk.

“Shit”, he calmly exclaimed. “I thought I had some more cash on me. ”

Beginning to unload his small shop from his bag the cashier looked at him with a patient smile, holding back the anger she not only had with him, but at her situation in general. 19.45 on a Friday and here she was, working. Serving this happy chappy who thought he had more cash!

How much was the case again?” he asked.

ahh hes not putting back the groceries is he? I thought to myself.

“Shit right, i better return the few bits so and Ill take the case.!”

Politely, even enthusiastically this time the cashier smiled and exchanged the few groceries and re scanned the beer.

“Waaahey!”  “I even have 2 euro change” he exclaimed after the transaction was complete.

The cashier now beginning to warm to the young fellow advised that he could now afford at least the bananas and onions, To which he replied “Yera, I only came down for the bare essentials. I can pick them up during the week,!

As he bounced out of the store I couldn’t help myself. I told the cashier that I would be back in a moment and chased after the young lad making haste down the street.

Unsure wether i was worried for the young man, perhaps thinking he may have a sever drinking problem, or maybe I was intrigued how this young man, 15 years my elder could carry himself so well, be so full of happiness, and generally to leave off such a warming effect around him.

I had never seen that before, for someone to be short change and take it so lightly.

“Excuse Me!Excuse me young man”, I shouted as I chopped the ground between us. I couldn’t help but notice you left your groceries, and you took the case of beer.

“Yup”, he answered calmly, still not phased as to why I had made up ground with him.

“Well young man, you have an awful lot of beer, and you left your necessities in the store, is everything alright?”

“Perfect man, everything cool” he replied as he smiled. “I just figure, Do whats best for now, and the rest will fall into place. “Those onions will be their tomorrow. But Im only having friends over once this week”.

“Oh, hmm, well than, I guess enjoy your party!”. I stood their for another moment feeling somewhat foolish, but more so envious.

His calm deminar, happy outlook and approachable glow was amazing. And there I was worried for him purchasing the same items I purchase every friday evening.

“Keep it real man, keep it real real!” He said as he walked off into the friday evening hustle bustle. Armed with all he needs for now, for the moment. The happiest person Ive ever met.




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