Beautiful Day!


Its beautiful here isn’t it.

Just some of the many remarks passers by would use to salute me as I sat their on my bench, over looking the fast flowing river meandering blissfully through the valley, While the warm sun gently began to tuck itself under the thick fluffy clouds, to gain some rest before peaking its head out again early in the morning to salute us all with its warm glow.

However its not the river, nor the sunset or even the friendly other nature enthusiasts that grasped my attention that evening.

“Excuse me, Do you mind if I take a seat?”

“Sure,No Problem” I said,I smiled and as i lifted my head to welcome my new friend to the bench I could not help but notice a frightened figure joining me on this wonderful bench.

“Beautiful Isn’t it” excitedly Trying to strike up some conversation.

“Mmm, I guess so.” drolly he answered.

We sat their for a couple of minutes, the water continued to flow, the sun maintained its journey and the awkwardness between Us grew.

My bench mate, I guessed was in his late teens. perhaps early twenties.

“I don’t get it” eventually he exclaimed, ” I mean, shouldn’t it be easy, This. All of this. It works like clockwork. Its as if its all here to remind us of how simple life can be. How beautiful it all can be.How warm and soothing it all can be.” He said almost painfully while peering out over the sunset. “Yet, its all so complicated.”

Unsure of how to reply “Just take in the simplicity of this right now, here, Us, the river, the nature, the sunset. Just really be here right now to enjoy its beauty and warmth, feel the love of the trees and the inspiration of crashing through the river.”

He looked at me and smiled, before offering his hand out to formally greet Me.


“Hey Nick, Im Christy” I replied as we shook hands.

While we shook hands I couldn’t help but notice his weak grip, high-strung shoulders and deathly look upon his face engulfed with a thick clammy layer of sweat nestled in the palm of his hand.

“Is their something on your mind Nick?”

“Mmm, Well I just don’t get it, any of this!” hesitantly he replied.

At this stage i began to realise that their was something really bothering Nick.

We sat their quietly for some more minutes before I decided to break the silence, it was not necessarily an awkward silence, yet I was anxious to converse some more with my new bench mate before he would get up and leave, perhaps even more bewildered than when he first came to the bench.

“Ill tell you what I don’t get Nick” leaning forward to grab his attention.”We claim to live in a progressive society” To this day I’m still quite unsure where the words came from, but my words seemed to build up an instant rapport with Nick,” Progressive, to my knowledge, not word for word, but to my knowledge the meaning of progressive is to be moving forward, striving for improvement, not necessarily striving for more. In fact, its my opinion that less is more.But in this so called progressive society were expected to jump on all the latest trends, own the biggest and best, be constantly  connected. Inundated with pollutions, SALE!SALE!SALE!, Pressures to work, earn and survive. Were seen as aliens if were that small bit different.”

Nick Looked at me with a glare in his eye and i knew a bond had been made.

I smiled ” I mean, I’m pretty sure that for kids aged 16 and under, the classic food pyramid and the importance of having 5 A day, is insuring to get 5 great selfies of your apple iPhone, this will surely keep the doctor away.”

We both laughed hysterically before Nick asked me what I do for work.

“AAhh thats irrelevant Nick, unimportant, Where I work isn’t who I am man. Its another hiccup in our progressive society i believe. When being introduced to someone we always want to know where they work, or what they study, or their plans for the future.”

“But why not just simply ask, who are you? what makes you happy? something personal to truly strike up a conversation.” Ive always believed this to be the best way to get to know a new friend, I think no matter how unprejudice someone is, or non judgemental, their can always be a separation in class when someone finds out your job, or what you study or what you hope to achieve.

“Strip down the barriers, ask your new acquaintance something personal, something which will bring us both into deep conversation”.

Nick now looking intrigued yet confused searched for something personal to ask me. and i gather from the amount of time it was taking him to swish a few questions through his mind he wasn’t still 100% sure of what it is I meant.

“Relax man, Its easy” I sat back to get more comfortable on the bench, threw my arms around the back of the arm rest and outstretched my legs and crossed them in front of me.

“What brings you to this bench on this beautiful autumn evening?” I asked while grinning out at the now moonlit sky.




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