Presence,me,time and energy

I don't value money
I have no mass on things
its your time and your presence
that happiness brings

Add me on Facebook
and well have a chat
whats happened to meeting for coffee
we've forgotten about that

You've worked hard 
you've earned your degree
its now time for business
thats difference between you and me

christmas is coming
its getting quite near
not a present have i bought
yet I'm filled with christmas cheer

can we meet for a drink
possibly a few,
but i think well enjoy it
from a different point of view

joue phone in your hand 
your heads in the iCloud
did you hear what i just said,
NO, your texting instead

I look to the trees
and i find hope in the sky
my dream is some day 
we will be the same,You and I

Must buy this 
and i still have to get that
have you not thought this person
would be simply happy to meet for a chat.

I ask you to stop
and for a moment just think
our people and planet
it is energy that
is the link.


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