Simple life


A simple life,  yet so hard to find

A way to escape the daily grind,

How can we free and relax our mind,

the stress that is life leaves us blind.


To make a fortune is the dream that’s being sold,

But is this way of life outdated and old,

A dream causing many too sleep out in the cold,

But their is progression,  or so we are told.


A planet of many, yet so many alone,

Would bring on the question,  hiw much have we grown?

Every day we seem to keep playing the same tone,

Violence and poverty, segregation yet we moan.


I do not have this,  I really need to get that,

This materialistic world, few people getting fat,

Fat with money, fat with greed,  many people allowing a small few to feed,

Feed the riches, to a small few their are plenty.