I have recently been lucky enough to be invited to join a brand new website covering world news and current affairs.

I would like to generate some info as to get an insight into what it is people would like to see or read in the news and categorise it by age,location,sex etc.

I would be very grateful if you could contact me and answer the following questions and also share the post so i can get as much info as possible! 🙂

How old are you?

Where are you from?

Do you read/watch the news?

What is your favourite newspaper,website or channel?

What is your opinion on social media?

Do you like to see accurate timely news even if the content can be upsetting, negative or violent or would you like to see something a bit different more upbeat and positive, even if it seems less relevant?

Would you like to see more political news, environmental news or humanitarian news?

Can you remember a topic or story from the news that has really stuck to you?

Can you name 3 changes you would like to see in the world?

A simple and short enough survey, i would be truly grateful for any one who can oblige and take part in the survey and a share to spread the love would mean a lot!

Have you had a great day.long day or a tough day?



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