The decision

“Not knowing is often the most difficult thing.” Curiously i looked up and he repeated “not knowing, it can be the most difficult thing, you seem lost confused and slightly afraid” said the middle aged man as he leaned over to offer out his hand to shake mine.

Masterson, Paul masterson pleasure to meet you” Samuel,Jamie samuels i responded and answered “not knowing, how do you mean?”

Well you have been sat here for close to half an hour now, sitting anxiously and full of discomfort, it seems as though something is troubling you, and for most discomfort i suffered in my life is usually a fear, and that fear is just often the unknown. All the what if’s that we’ve ever imagined conjugated together to develop a fear.

When Paul first offered his hand to me i was reluctant and somewhat pessimistic, ready to stand up and leave this bench, but Now feeling slightly relaxed and very much intrigued I asked “Well yes I guess, well I have this big decision to make, Something that could influence the outcome of the rest of my life”

“HMMM, wow, the rest of your life kid?!” smuggley he said as he also sat up and squirmed closer to me with a look of excitement”Im not so sure that one decision can have such an influence on your life, but if it does, don’t be afraid of it” Enjoy the experience, it sounds really exciting, WOW, this next decision will have tremendous results for you. Get excited think of it from a perspective of joy and happiness, impose some real emotion to the decision, this will guide you to making the right decision. if you invest fear into the decision you will never be able to dream up the the enormity of happiness that stands before you, as you will be to busy worrying to fully relax and enjoy your life.

I sat for a moment and absorbed his words. As his words began to rest with me I felt what can only be described as a refreshing wave flow through my body. Anguish fear and worry immediately eluded me.

After a moment of inspiration and almost a week of regret it came to me.

Without a response he again leaned over smiled and said “don’t worry kid, in fact don’t even think, just do. Fear is all the what if’s. when I first started speaking with you their was a cloud of fear gathering momentum in yiur mind, and now look at you 2 minutes later relaxed, loose and energised. Don’t think about this decision, just act on the right feeling, this will guide you to every success, but more importantly it will keep you on the road to happiness. Don’t think ahead and worry, act now, in the present. It’s the greatest gift we have.

He stood up, looked to the skies and profoundly said”life is to important to be taking seriously” and briskly began to walk away.



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