Business idea #64


T-shirts, organic t-shirts. Is this going to be the business idea that finally comes to life?

Ive had many a great idea,even if I am the only one to think its a great idea, and i think this is my best yet.

New summer project.


A unique design combining humour,happiness,art and inspiration.

I will admit I have no idea about t-shirt design, production or sales but I do have a positive approach and ability to send a couple of great emails.

Could I possibly reach out to the right person who can assist me with my D-Shirt business, or maybe even perhaps will that person reach out to me with feedback from this blogpost!!!!! In a perfect world, thats what would happen.

Do we live in a perfect world? well soon find out!

So just minutes into my business venture I have designed this magical D-shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.05.45.png

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 17.05.54.png


Business in the front, party in the back.. well more or less! 😛

at €20 with 10% of each sale going towards a charitable cause (perhaps local homeless or refugee or who knows maybe have a toggle at the checkout kart and allow customers to donate to a worthy cause of their choice.)

With other great design ideas, I reckon this could be my start to entrepreneurial mastery!!

Branding, a key to any success story of course is crucial, so a simple yet effect name for my unique apparel “D-Shirt” “Designed by Dalian,D-Shirt of D future!”

I can see it already, orders will be flowing in in no time.

Any investors,serial entrepeneurs bloggers or anyone who would love to be part of D-Shirt of the future feel free to comment or contact and lets change the world,one shirt at D time!! 🙂

If you look closely enough you will also notice how i have some creative inspiration TED talk and an intern programme in Amsterdam bookmarked, for added exposure of my original genius!!

Have your had a great day,long day or a tough day?




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