The key to happiness or the epitome of laziness?

I’m all for optimism. The power of positivity.

I associate optimism with a stress free lifestyle.

Being an optimist I see an opportunity where many would see a blank empty space.

mmm, maybe I don’t have the skill set to transform it, but hey, at least I thought about it, it crossed my mind and that’s half the battle.

This tells me my mind is moving in the right direction.

I often consider going to the gym. this thought and a will to exercise is an achievement in itself, I probably won’t make it to the gym but iv thought about, that’s almost a form of exercise in itself!

Maybe some day I should go to college, earn a degree.

Wow! imagine that, fair play for having that drive and desire to at least consider educating yourself and getting a degree.

but for now I’m just gonna give myself a path on the back for loving myself enough to consider my future.

Can I go visit ny friends in new York this summer?

Probably not, buuuut….we won’t say no just yet.

The excitement of the potential holiday that’s actually definitely not going to happen is a great reason to fantasise and be excited for the future.

So as i sit here I’m content, stress free and full of great ideas, excited for what looks to be a remarkable future!




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