Don’t forget to share


We live in an age of constant growth and progression, a time where privacy is very much scarce and we all feel the need to share.
Share our thoughts, our stories photos and videos. Social media and online platforms entitle us all to have a voice.
 Well most of us!
Most of us have the privilege of a roof over our head, daily meals and clothing.
This is a privilege. Should it not be a basic human right?
When thinking of survival we often think of someone hanging on to the edge of a cliff for dear life, or maybe a person desperately battling to stay alive in a hospital bed. We even go so far as to think about the difficulties of surviving online!
We all to often forget to share with those people who need it most.
The people who are day by day not living, but merely surviving.
People without a home.
“We live in a world
where we love to share
but what we don’t notice
is that their is a problem out their

Their is those with very little
and could do with a hand
yet we don’t even realise
i don’t think we understand

We have our head in our smartphones
or our thoughts in the clouds
lets take a moment of mindfulness and make ourselves aware
that even a simple gesture

can go a long way to showing
we care”


One thought on “Don’t forget to share

  1. How true. All too often, we turn away from those who are truly suffering, because most people just can’t deal with someone else’s pain. For some reason, people find it hard to look at someone who is suffering, so they simply avert their eyes, and walk away from the awkwardness of the situation, never realizing that sometimes, just a kind word or a gentle touch goes a long way towards helping others.


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