A city where everyone is trying to be more Berlin than the next. It sounds strange but anyone who has spent any amount of time their while understand what I mean. 

The place is the motherhipster!

Being such a huge city with a majorly diverse pallet their really is something for everyone,wether its partying 24/7,exercising meeting yogis or simply just just chilling in a park listening to top quality street performers do they’re thing!

However the place was overwhelming big and busy for a petit young redhead like myself. Everything is happening at 100 miles per hour!

Massive streets sometimes with up to 8 lanes as well as tram lanes nestled  in the middle of the street often caused me to hit the panic button and like any Irish person would do I would  retreat to the nearest pub!

At one point I was so frazzled that i scurried to the closest cafe and whimpered “An bfhuil cead agam cappuccino?” confusing my ambisien deutsch with my native Irish language. This resulted in a strange standoff between me and the somewhat confused but definitely scared barista.

The public Transport system is nothing short of impressive and highly efficient. 12.34 really does mean 12.34 so punctuality is a very handy tool to carry with you at all times while in the big city.It doesn’t take any longer than 40 minutes to get anywhere really but take note that this does not mean that you are at your destination by any means. A smartphone GPS will even at times be unable to get you directly to your flag point.

I didn’t use a smartphone while in Berlin, but i have heard some horror stories!

If you are an animal lover, activist, feminist or anyone striving for equality, animal welfare or any other form of  activism or revolution than you will feel right at home as the big city is rocking with kind hearted souls striving for a better tomorrow! 🙂

And lastly but not least, The place is a Vegan paradise! I spent the moment I was their volunteering at an amazing Vegan Bio Hotel called “Essentis”. The food was delicious  as well as healthy, environmentally friendly and of course progressive toward animal welfare. Many restaraunts and cafes are solely vegan and bars,corner shops and restaurants will have a great vegan menu also.



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