A day in the life Of a retail sales assistant

8.45. AM- Work starts in 45 minutes.

Breakfast, fast shower

9.28 AM- Clocked in

9.35 AM- Manager, OK guys, its very important today that we push these new neck supporting cushions. It is crucial to sell as many units of this as possible. Head office could pop in at anytime over the next few weeks, Aaaaand be aware of mystery shoppers.! We scored 91% last time which is not good enough, no reason why we can’t be hitting 100% overtime

9.36 AM-Employee A Whispers to Employee B, MMM i would have got 100% if we had any bit of fucking product knowledge

9.37 AM-Employee A, Aww nice, what are the benefits of this cushion? is their any certain medical information we should know to make our customers aware and be sure they are getting the right product

9.37 AM-Manager, “Im not quite sure, heres a sales pitch sent down from head office, study it, use it, it is your bible.”

10.05 AM-employee B, “Hello hows it going?…”

10.06 AM-Customer, “NO!!!!”

10.06 AM- Employee B Mutters, Hello, hows it going? NO!!! D FUCK kinda response is that.

10.08 AM-Customer, “Excuse me sir I’m wondering if you can help me…”

10.08 AM-Employee B shrugging off the disrespect and arrogance of the asshole politely replying with a smile on his face, pure professional “Yes Sir, How can I help you?

11.15 AM- 15 minute break Employee A, Sprints to the closest shop, checks wallet just enough for a €3.50 meal deal

11.29 AM rushing end of food Employee A can’t help but think “fuck it I really wish we had 20 minutes”

12.11 PM Manager speaking with Employee A- “Ok Gerard from head office is on his way, he could be here at any minute, Heres a disinfectant spray containing all sorts of harmful acids and detergents, quickly run around on your hands and knees and scrape the rust off all the shelves, if you see anything out of order put it back in its right place, no messing around now this is crucial.”

12.13 PM-Manager calling Employee A- “Can you please serve this lady?,she’s been waiting for service for the past 5 minutes, this is not good enough.”

12.13 PM-Manager to Employee A- “Why is their returns still on the shop floor?, you know they need to be taken to the warehouse.”

12.13PM Manager once again speaking to Employee A, “Where is that report from last months sales figures??”

1.00 PM-Employee A- One hour lunch break.

2.00 PM back on the shop floor

2.04 PM- Gerard Arrives.

2.06 PM- Employee B “Hello Gerard My name is…”

2.06 PM- Gerard cuts across- “Who laid out that gondola its an absolute disgrace?, Heres how it should look. Hands over a briefing from “head office””

2.53 PM -Customer addressing Employee B, “Excuse me sir, Who can I speak to about this? Its very misleading, unto 50%  off items instore today it says and i can only find items with 20% or 30% off.”

2.54 PM-Employee B to customer  “MMM, I can only apologise on behalf of the store, I do not make out the Sale signs or pick which items go on sale, it all comes down from head office and we just follow their guidelines.”

2.54 PM-Customer, “Well thats no good to me, how am i supposed to know what items are 50% off?”

2.55 PM-Employee B, Ready to blow up but takes a deep breath and again proves how outstanding he is at his job,while subtly getting in his little dig. “Well If you find an item that is 50% off it will be clearly tagged just like the 20% off items and also the very same as the 30% off items. Smiles, “Can I help you maybe find something thats 50% off?”

2.55 PM-Customer, NO!!! im fine

3.08 PM-Employee A just has just came up with the next big tech invention when, Customer “excuse me sir, do ye have these in a size 8?”

3.08PM – Employee A Shuffles into the store room, Idea has came and went, but at at least he was able to find that €15 size 8 shoe.

4.54 PM- Manager snidely referring to Employee B- ” And how many of these cushions have you sold today? Don’t forget who pays your wages, get the finger out and start pushing these cushions!!”

5.20 PM- Employee A speaking with Employee B, Fuck that, Im going straight to the pub at 6.00.


To anyone working in retail, i salute you! 🙂

To anyone who isn’t aware, staff members in retail stores believe it or not are actually people. When the shop was built and they installed the shelve, the computer systems etc, the staff members were not just built in. They sleep, they have feelings, and they really do need things like food and water to survive like any human being, a small bit of respect and compassion towards those working in retail goes a long way. You would be surprise how much a genuine thank you and a smile goes! 🙂


I write because…

I write because I am able,

Im young I’m wild I’m free,

when words can paint a picture,

it brings the artist out in me


I write because I am able,

even if I haven’t read a novel or a full story,

using my pen I am able

to express my creativity


I write because I am able,

my stories in which yiu can see,

allow you to see how my mind works,

you can get a glimpse of me.


I was once told that I am unable, to play a sport which meant so much to me,

but with my words I am able,

to improve myself for free


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a purpose, wandering around full of niaivity,

but now I feel I have a purpose, with words I can get the best out of me


I write because I am able,

a chance to express my creativity,

With a paint brush I am not so able,

So it’s with words I can really be me.

Who am I and why am I here?

Learning the fundamentals.

Today’s task is to answer the above questions.

A very interesting task, as I am not so clear on why I am here, you will notice from my About page that I am all but a little confused at the moment.

I first started the blog with the hope to travel around and promote a sustainable lifestyle while spreading beautiful messages from people i meet along the way.

I hoped for a positive blog page, where people would come to laugh, feel inspired and realise that anything is possible!

Due to a lack of financials My trip was cut so short that it never even really started. I had so much going on and planning ahead that I was always missing out on the most important time of all, the present!

Who am I and why am I here?

I spent 2 nights in Amsterdam last week where I had hoped to begin my adventure. It was never going to work.


Their is a number of reasons that my masterplan crumbled before I could even begin but a great place t starto in my preparation would have been to sit and ask myself, “who am I and why am I here?” before getting to the Netherlands.

I arrived their and than began asking myself questions like this, I thought I was prepared but i could not have been any more wrong.

Wandering around the canals and weaving through the red light district I had many thoughts float swiftly across my mind.

The one thought that floated abit less than swift than others “who am I?”

I am an over active optimist who has absolutely no value on money, I want everything to happen yesterday and feel that nothing is impossible. So much so that I feel like anyone can achieve anything. And I still believe they can. But what I have learned is in order to achieve any success, wether it lies within your talents or not, Preparation is key. Wether its hitting the books and studying, researching and doing some organisation or contacting people who have once succeeded in the area you hope to dominate, It is the corner stone to all success.

Yes, this may be blatantly obvious, but with the attitude that anyone can do anything it just took me bit longer to notice the massive elephant in the room.

So now, why am I here?

I guess thats a question we all ask ourselves and very few of us can answer.

Some can and they seem to be the happiest most care free people on the planet.

I have asked myself that question many a time and always can come up with one answer.

“To make people happy”

And I feel most of the time thats what I do. But in order for me to make people happy I must be truly happy in myself. And I am. For the most part.

I am truly grateful for all the magical people in my life and amazing opportunities that I’ve had so far.

I cannot say I am truly happy though. Yes i am happy. But until I am contributing socially and spreading positivity and happiness on a large scale I will never be truly happy.

But That day will come. I know it.I have many big dreams, But no idea how to snooze off in order to make these dreams a reality.

I would love to own my own self sufficient centre where people come to learn about themselves, further themselves and live a full quality life. “Gather,Grow,Develop”

I would love to own my own production company “endless opportunity productions” giving the working class person a platform to follow their dreams.A production company where the opportunities truly are endless!

I hope to some day open a chain of coffee shops “cuppa cafa!” where convicts, homeless and those with alcohol and drug problems have an opportunity to gain work experience, have a place to stay and earn some money to get back on their feet and re renter the ridiculously fast paced world.

I hope to travel around In 1960’s sky blue and white VW cooking free food for homeless,hungry and refugees and allow them give a message to the world, in which i would call this project “Food for all”

But for now All I have is a pocket full of dreams.

You’re definitely thinking wow this guy is a dreamer, But Hey, Im not the only one! 🙂

One day I hope to fill those pockets with more than dreams, I hope to fill them with happiness, joy and an abundance of wealth.

So my blog will be a platform for short stories and poetry, developing my writing and getting the creative juices flowing a couple of times a week. Aswell as the diary of an optimistic unorganised young man with a pocket thats so full of dreams theirs no room for anything else.

If you would like to follow me and see if I can make more space in my pockets to make my dreams become a reality, than dive on in to the always entertaining and sometimes downright ridiculous life of Dalian Roche! 🙂

Have you had a great day, a long day or a tough day?




 Im off on an adventure! 

What stops us from greatness? For most of us its fear. Fear of failure, not being enough, not having the right qualification or skill set, The fear of other peoples opinions and above all else  being afraid of change. Change can be scary, overwhelming and at times down right daunting. But remember change is one of the 3 certainties we have in life. These certainties are we will breathe, we will die and yes, we will change. Its as natural as the 4 seasons of the year. Autumn will change to Winter, which will soon be followed by a change to Spring which in turn will Blossom in to Summer.

So why stay stuck in winter? Its dark its cold its miserable, but somehow its comfortable. I spent a couple of years in winter and it was miserable. If you couldn’t find me in the bookies, than you would find me in the pub, if i wasn’t their than i was probably rotting away in a soul destroying job that i hated but “luckily” fell into. Don’t get me wrong, I worked with great people, people who are truely happy with their job, people who are ridiculously talented at their job. But i also worked with many people who like me felt empty unhappy and had lost all lust for life!

I often hear people say “your lucky to have a job”.

But what about a life?

A life of purpose, Joy, Happiness!

Well I’m done with spending time in winter.

Ive spent that last 6 months in spring mode preparing to blossom in beautiful summer.

My preparation included working upto 70 hours a week again in god awful retail jobs at christmas to pay off an old car loan and just save about enough to get out of ireland. I began meditation and started to spend my free time a little bit differently which included spending time alone in the nature, at the beach and (trying) not to party so much. As well as constantly shifting my mindset. A change in our mindset and outlook is more powerful than any other change we will ever make.

Now its time to begin my journey and start a new project.

So whats stopping you from greatness?

“Gather your thoughts, grow as a person, develop your perfect life.”

Have you had a great day, a long day or a tough day?



Don’t forget to share


We live in an age of constant growth and progression, a time where privacy is very much scarce and we all feel the need to share.
Share our thoughts, our stories photos and videos. Social media and online platforms entitle us all to have a voice.
 Well most of us!
Most of us have the privilege of a roof over our head, daily meals and clothing.
This is a privilege. Should it not be a basic human right?
When thinking of survival we often think of someone hanging on to the edge of a cliff for dear life, or maybe a person desperately battling to stay alive in a hospital bed. We even go so far as to think about the difficulties of surviving online!
We all to often forget to share with those people who need it most.
The people who are day by day not living, but merely surviving.
People without a home.
“We live in a world
where we love to share
but what we don’t notice
is that their is a problem out their

Their is those with very little
and could do with a hand
yet we don’t even realise
i don’t think we understand

We have our head in our smartphones
or our thoughts in the clouds
lets take a moment of mindfulness and make ourselves aware
that even a simple gesture

can go a long way to showing
we care”


A city where everyone is trying to be more Berlin than the next. It sounds strange but anyone who has spent any amount of time their while understand what I mean. 

The place is the motherhipster!

Being such a huge city with a majorly diverse pallet their really is something for everyone,wether its partying 24/7,exercising meeting yogis or simply just just chilling in a park listening to top quality street performers do they’re thing!

However the place was overwhelming big and busy for a petit young redhead like myself. Everything is happening at 100 miles per hour!

Massive streets sometimes with up to 8 lanes as well as tram lanes nestled  in the middle of the street often caused me to hit the panic button and like any Irish person would do I would  retreat to the nearest pub!

At one point I was so frazzled that i scurried to the closest cafe and whimpered “An bfhuil cead agam cappuccino?” confusing my ambisien deutsch with my native Irish language. This resulted in a strange standoff between me and the somewhat confused but definitely scared barista.

The public Transport system is nothing short of impressive and highly efficient. 12.34 really does mean 12.34 so punctuality is a very handy tool to carry with you at all times while in the big city.It doesn’t take any longer than 40 minutes to get anywhere really but take note that this does not mean that you are at your destination by any means. A smartphone GPS will even at times be unable to get you directly to your flag point.

I didn’t use a smartphone while in Berlin, but i have heard some horror stories!

If you are an animal lover, activist, feminist or anyone striving for equality, animal welfare or any other form of  activism or revolution than you will feel right at home as the big city is rocking with kind hearted souls striving for a better tomorrow! 🙂

And lastly but not least, The place is a Vegan paradise! I spent the moment I was their volunteering at an amazing Vegan Bio Hotel called “Essentis”. The food was delicious  as well as healthy, environmentally friendly and of course progressive toward animal welfare. Many restaraunts and cafes are solely vegan and bars,corner shops and restaurants will have a great vegan menu also.